Helping with Anxiety

What is it?


You'll know it can be crippling. It can appear out of nowhere, leaving you in a state of panic, feeling afraid and vulnerable. Anxiety can increase heart rate, cause tension and feelings of being out of control, overheated and faint. I work with people in an exploratory, emotion-focused way which helps people understand their own relationship with anxiety. Relaxation is one of the best ways to help reduce anxiety. Awareness and confidence are key factors which can be achieved through talking therapies.

How do I help treat it?

Through relaxation techniques and Mindfulness, the aim is to minimize the amount of occasions anxiety strikes and provide coping tools to override old feelings. Many people find an improvement after 6-8 sessions but may choose to continue with support. In some cases, PTSD may play a part in anxious feelings. Whilst its not always useful to live into labels, there are certain types of anxiety that may benefit from a deeper exploration and psychotherapy allows this experience to happen in a safe way.


A little feedback provided by clients I've treated for Anxiety

Robert shared how his GP had offered medication for anxiety but he preferred not to take it. Instead, he found coming to regular sessions, talking about events and emotions, had helped him feel "like my old self". For him, counselling felt like the best plan of action.

Robert (49)

Courage is knowing what not to fear


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