Low Self-Esteem

Helping with Low Self-Esteem

What is it?

Low Self-Esteem

If you lack confidence, suffer from low mood and feel worthless much of the time, it might be an indication you have low self-esteem. It's difficult to rate yourself highly and you may spend time overthinking your flaws whilst comparing yourself to others. In counselling, we take a closer look at your negative feelings and thoughts together. We learn new, more helpful ways of thinking about ourselves.

How do I help treat it?

Being patient with yourself helps. It may be that someone in our past has spoken about us in an unkind way that gets stuck in our heads. No matter how we try, it seems impossible to shake the belief that what was said about us is untrue. By revisiting old beliefs and expressing how we feel in the present, a new way of relating to ourselves in our present state is achievable. Understanding how we feel about ourselves and how important that is can be crucial. Trapped by out-dated negative thoughts and beliefs about ourselves can be overwhelming and makes us feel sad and worthless. Sessions range from 8-20 typically. These can be fortnightly after the first month.


A little feedback provided by clients I've treated for Low Self-Esteem

I felt as if people thought I was a fake and stupid. It was as if they could see my doubts and fears playing out inside my head. Counselling has definitely helped me respect myself more and whilst its still hard for me to feel as confident as others, my husband and family have noticed a huge difference in how I am now - a lot easier on myself!

Lorna (34)

Courage is knowing what not to fear


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