Difficult Relationships

Helping with Difficult Relationships

What is it?

Difficult Relationships

You may experience upset at the end of a relationship or have a manipulating or controlling partner. It might be a parent-child power struggle that's hard to cope with. It may be your marriage that has broken down. All relationships take a degree of work and in counselling, the work we do together is based upon your experience within the dynamic of any relationship. Focusing primarily on your feelings, affectations and behaviours, we will explore what feels important for you to regain a sense of comfort within the relationship.

How do I help treat it?

There are many relationships from familial to intimate to co-workers and friendships we can find ourselves in. Regardless of the issues, talking therapies has proven effective in allowing people to shift their perspective and view within a challenging relationship, allowing them to act and feel in a new way that benefits relations. Sessions can range from 6-onwards.


A little feedback provided by clients I've treated for Difficult Relationships

Alison helped me see that my behaviour resulted in the same old story every time but when I changed my attitude, things began to improve. This wasn't easy for me because I didn't think I could ever change but I truly valued her ongoing support through difficult times.

David (40)

Courage is knowing what not to fear


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