Sexual Issues

Helping with Sexual Issues

What is it?

Sexual addiction / Identity

You may be habitually using sex sites or pornography, or cheating on a partner. You may suffer from physical or emotional aspects regarding sex. Or you be LGBT and troubled by an element of your sexuality. In a confidential environment, I can help by using specific cognitive tools to explore the processes, feelings and habits you might be experiencing. This can allow a deeper understanding and insight into your behaviour and the will to change for yourself.

How do I help treat it?

Our sexuality is individual to us. Problems with sexual compulsivity are wide and varied and stem from different needs and cravings in the person suffering from this type of addiction. Within the safety and boundaries of a therapeutic relationship, these needs and behaviours can be addressed in a way that can be deeply helpful and healing. Often the threat of losing a valued relationship is enough to bring someone to therapy, however, learning ways to come to terms and manage the addictive part of their personalities can be challenging. (recommended 8 or more sessions).


A little feedback provided by clients I've treated for Sexual Issues

I was able to stop my destructive behaviour and save my marriage. Attending counselling weekly was a great help to me. Having someone unrelated who got me fairly quickly made me feel worthwhile.

G, 37

Courage is knowing what not to fear


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