Loss & Grief

Helping with Loss & Grief

What is it?

Loss & Grief

Losing a person of significance in our lives can be devastating. We may feel lots of different emotions - sadness, anger, hurt and despair. Effective grief therapy can help with the task of rebuilding our lives after such tragedy. Having someone understand exactly where we are at - it can change from moment to moment, day to day - allows our healing process to begin.

How do I help treat it?

In the different stages of grief, it can be helpful to have a space to express each emotion as it arrives. Sometimes it may feel like there is nothing to say, other times, there may not be enough time to say everything that we need to get out. In loss, our relationship with the person, changes. How that relationship ends up depends on who we are. Having someone there to listen, to be with us whilst we make meaning for ourselves of all kinds of feelings, can be truly helpful.

(8-12 sessions can be most helpful.)


A little feedback provided by clients I've treated for Loss & Grief

Thank you, Alison. You really helped me so much. I'm very grateful and glad that I made the decision to come as I was unsure at the start just how it could help.

M, 53

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