Helping with Depression

What is it?


It's a darkness that some find hard to describe. A debilitating feeling of being unable to function well in the "outside" world. A feeling that there is no point to anything and that you might be better off dead. It's hard to face depression alone. I sit with you and your depression. Through talking, sharing, looking at how it is for you as an individual, things can begin to shift in a positive, brighter way.

How do I help treat it?

Mental health continues to fight the one time stigmas associated with it. For some, these imagined stigmas are still around and still problematic. Its hard to admit there is something wrong in our heads. It can make us feel like a weirdo, like we are not normal, that somehow everyone else is happy and having a normal time and we can't even face life at times. Knowing you're not alone. Knowing someone gets you. Knowing you can talk about any kind of weird thoughts that might happen in your head and that it will be alright. Learning how to manage your depression. Feeling differently about it and feeling okay. That's worth it.

(6-12 can be helpful as a guide.)


A little feedback provided by clients I've treated for Depression

I catch myself on the downward spiral and whereas before, it would take me to that dark place, I challenge it now. I feel more able to face it.


Courage is knowing what not to fear


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