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Alison Mattu - Psychotherapist & Counsellor

Based in Lanarkshire, I am a qualified, private counsellor who can help you with issues that may be upsetting or uncomfortable for you at this time in your life. I’ve helped hundreds of people explore personal issues, feel better about themselves and move on from grief, substance abuse and other stressful problems.

If you find certain emotions or subjects difficult to talk about, you will learn ways of expressing yourself and how to change and cope with overwhelming negative thought patterns. I offer support, hope and change in a structured, safe setting.

Face to face individual, couples and remote counselling sessions are available.

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My Services & How I Can Help



You’ll know it can be crippling. It can appear out of nowhere, leaving you in a state of panic, feeling afraid and vulnerable. Anxiety can increase heart rate, cause tension and feelings of being out of control, overheated and faint.
I work with people in an exploratory, emotion-focused way which helps people understand their own relationship with anxiety. Relaxation is one of the best ways to help reduce anxiety. Awareness and confidence are key factors which can be achieved through talking therapies.


Low self-esteem

If you lack confidence, suffer from low mood and feel worthless much of the time, it might be an indication you have low self-esteem. It’s difficult to rate yourself highly and you may spend time overthinking your flaws whilst comparing yourself to others.
In counselling, we take a closer look at your negative feelings and thoughts together. We learn new, more helpful ways of thinking about ourselves.


Difficult relationships

You may experience upset at the end of a relationship or have a manipulating or controlling partner. It might be a parent-child power struggle that’s hard to cope with. It may be your marriage that has broken down.
All relationships take a degree of work and in counselling, the work we do together is based upon your experience within the dynamic of any relationship.
Focusing primarily on your feelings, affectations and behaviours, we will explore what feels important for you to regain a sense of comfort within the relationship.


Sexual issues (addiction/identity)

You may be habitually using sex sites or pornography, or cheating on a partner. You may suffer from physical or emotional aspects regarding sex. Or you be LGBT and troubled by an element of your sexuality.
In a confidential environment, I can help by using specific cognitive tools to explore the processes, feelings and habits you might be experiencing. This can allow a deeper understanding and insight into your behaviour and the will to change for yourself.


Loss & Grief

Losing a person of significance in our lives can be devastating. We may feel lots of different emotions – sadness, anger, hurt and despair.

Effective grief therapy can help with the task of rebuilding our lives after such tragedy. Having someone understand exactly where we are at - it can change from moment to moment, day to day – allows our healing process to begin.



It's a darkness that some find hard to describe. A debilitating feeling of being unable to function well in the ‘outside’ world. A feeling that there is no point to anything and that you might be better off dead. It's hard to face depression alone.

I sit with you and your depression. Through talking, sharing, looking at how it is for you as an individual, things can begin to shift in a positive, brighter way.


Other issues I can assist with : Anger, Stress at work, Addictions, PTSD, Bipolar Disorder, Personality Disorders.

Ways to conduct your sessions

Face to Face Personal Session

One to One Prices from £45.00
Couples from £70.00

Skype Audio/ Video Session

Prices from £40.00

Telephone Session

Prices from £35.00

Discounts are available for students & those on low incomes

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